At Ferraro & Stamos LLP, we represent both debtors and creditors in collection matters. We strive to provide clients with timely, straightforward legal representation.

For Creditors, we understand your need for honest and timely financial transactions, and we know the difficulties you face in your debt collection matters.  When a debtor is served with legal papers concerning the collection matter, he or she will understand the importance of the issue. We are well-prepared to handle a case in court if it is in our clients' best interest.

Collection Matters — Debtor Rights

If you are a Debtor and owe money, have you been served with legal papers regarding a debt collection matter? Calls from bill collectors and creditor harassment can be very disturbing. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, debtors are protected from certain harassing conduct by collection agencies.

Please call our office for a free consultation and we can advise you of your rights.